Geoffrey Phillips 12 December, 1936 – 5 June, 2022


12 December, 1936 – 5 June, 2022

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Scott Lynn

At this difficult time I send my warmest hugs and heartfelt condolences to Geoff’s children Genevieve, Rob, Tim and all family members. Geoff was a kind, considerate, intelligent and a humorous man who will be missed but not forgotten. May Geoff continue to champion the Liberal cause from up above - we had some good times together. But importantly, may Lisbeth and Geoff be reunited up in heaven.

Jill Lynn

Hello Genevieve, Tim and Rob and family It was lovely to be able to attend the church service for Geoff this morning and share so many of his special memories. As part of the Friday night group we had lots of fun and many special times with Geoff and Lisbeth. My husband Craig passed away unexpectedly in 2016 We had another connection with the Liberal party and spending a lot of time championing this cause. My son Scott has nothing but extreme respect for your dad and the special association they had. My deepest sympathy Nothing will ever be the same You will still cry and grieve - you need to. Remember the good times

john derek sier

I am unable to attend due to recent surgery. I am so sad to hear of Geoffrey's passing. H indeed was a wonderful man and a true soldier to the end. He will be sadly missed.

john derek sier