Rex Hayward 26 January, 1934 – 4 April, 2023


26 January, 1934 – 4 April, 2023

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David Girvan

I worked for Rex at Lewis Construction from 1980 to 1986. I had been advised by a work colleague that Rex was highly principled and that he had much to share. I discovered that was not only in building construction and estimating but also in life skills and purpose. I discovered quickly that Rex was a fully devoted follower of Jesus. While Rex was reserved and perhaps a little uncomfortable about expressing or showing emotion, there was one time when I entered his office and he was sobbing. He had just finished reading a book I had lent him about a missionary family who had been killed in a bus crash in Thailand. I think there were 12 that died, but God's hand was in the outcome. It was confronting and obviously Rex was affected. I remember a couple of times when Rex "disciplined" me. He wasn't over the top, but respectful, so he had given me room to change. Seeing his photo with the smile on his phase could well be a precurser of the smile on his face as he sits at Jesus' feet. Rex was a great man now in the presence of his Great God. Well done you goid and faithful servant. May God bless you with comfort, grace and compassion, David Girvan