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David & Rosemarie Searle on 8 September, 2019 at 2:27pm

From David & Rosemarie Searle for John Albert Berryman

Much loved husband of Janine, and “CareBear”. Albert was loved by his nieces and nephews, and he had a mine of information to draw on of things we could never remember ourselves.
He was hard working and cheerful and much appreciated for his practical skills in cleaning, serving teas and coffees and so on, where he contributed to the churches and organizations he and Janine were involved in.
People and friends commented on his cheerfulness and easy-going nature.

Al, it’s hard to believe it is almost a year since you “entered your rest” with an anticipation of heaven, which gave you real peace.

Now Janine has joined you and all those in Jesus who have gone before.
We miss you both, but know that you are “with Christ, which is far better”.

With love,
David Rosemarie and all the Searle, Jones, and Stuart families.

Susan J Jones on 8 September, 2019 at 2:05pm

Tribute from Susan Jones

Verbal tribute at graveside service:

Susan recounted an incident in the ward where Janine was, knowing that she had a few days to live. Janine kept reaching out to this lady by blowing her kisses and waving. The lady called herself a grumpy old lady and that Janine brightened up her day and she made the decision that she had to begin relating to her family in a different way. If Janine could reach out when she was dying, she could also reach out when she was living.

Philip & Deanna Searle on 8 September, 2019 at 1:46pm

Tribute from Phil & Deanna Searle

The things we remember about our Auntie Jan were the things that she loved.

She loved her food sweet,
She loved her clothes bright.
She loved family and parties, afternoon teas and Christmas time.
She loved roses in her garden, nieces and nephews in her yard.

We will miss you and your kindness,
but we will see you soon.
It is goodbye for now.

Phil, Dee, Amy-Rose and Jay.

Katrina A Stuart on 8 September, 2019 at 1:44pm

Tribute from Katrina Stuart
Today we say goodbye to our beloved Aunty Jan, and remember and celebrate her life.
It was a life well lived, and I wish I was there in person to send her off in love also, but from the other side of the world, my family sends our love to those here who are grieving and I want to honour Aunty Jan for her life of service to others.
Janine was a loving Aunty, was matter of fact, and fun!
She had a style of her own- Her house was full of wonderful trinkets to admire as children, and one of my favourite things she used to have in her house was the biscuit magnets, set in resin!
As we all know, Aunty Jan loved a treat, and those biscuit magnets with the icing and hundreds and thousands set into resin, were played with on many occasions by us as children.
Janine loved fancy things and sparkly things, as did I, so there was always lots of nice ornaments and costume jewellery to pore over.
She loved things in "peacock colours” and had a great sense of style.
Funnily enough, when I grew up, I also love peacocks and peacock things, as do two of my children!
She also loved to travel, and she and Al had a great time travelling overseas, until the later years when they stuck closer to home, and their favourite - the Gold Coast, which was great for us, as we lived there with our two eldest children, in 2010, so got to spend some really nice quality time with Jan and Al, and the two oldest kids before we moved back overseas.
When we were young, I remember them taking us for a special treat, to go and see “The Never Ending Story” in the city.
They told us that if we were quiet the whole way there in the car, we would all get a choc top icecream!!!
So we all sat there diligently to earn that icecream, and they got to enjoy a quiet car!
I learnt a trick or two from that myself, for when we had kids!!!
There is never enough time with those we love, and I wish she had got to meet our 3 youngest in person, rather than just Skype, but thankfully with technology, at least we got a bit more time to chat before she died.
You can’t replace an Aunty, and we will miss her terribly, but I am glad she is now with the Lord, and reunited with Al and Nana and Papa and free from the pain in this world.
Farewell Aunty Jan- thank you for being a lovely Aunty and leaving us with wonderful memories for a lifetime.
We love you.

Rosemarie A Searle on 8 September, 2019 at 1:41pm

Friday 2 October 2015?, A Milestone in Life ?
Today my only sister turns seventy years old. I can’t believe it, because I am older, and it seems just yesterday that we were children, collecting tadpoles from the creek, or Emperor Gum caterpillars from the gum tree in the backyard which hatched out in our bedrooms in the shoe boxes that we kept them in. We went down the cobble stoned lane way out the back of our house to gather moss to make gardens for our dolls’ houses which Dad built us one Christmas.
How quickly life passes by and it seems when you are young that all of life is ahead of you and you can’t wait to grow up. Individuals are born into a family with similar circumstances, usually with the same parents. Well, it was so in our case. Yet people’s lives are totally different in the direction they take, the experiences they have, the events which change and shape their lives, the abilities and personality characteristics they possess, and where they choose to live and with whom.
My shy little sister, who never cried as a baby, and suffered illnesses from birth which doctors never could diagnose, has in this last year or so of her life faced her biggest health challenge—the big C!
She faces circumstances with courage and stoicism, grimly going through the processes everyone knows about in this situation. She is still having to handle the aftermath. So today is her birthday. She has reached her four score years and ten, as have I. It is a special day to celebrate life—her life and for me, the one surviving member of my birth family that I have left. There will not be a great many more years for our generation. That is how it is. We are made for eternity, not time, thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.
While we live on this earth it is our heritage to enjoy the fruit of our labour and to rejoice in the work that we do, for this is the gift of God, Ecclesiastes 5:19-20. “For man will not dwell unduly on the days of his life because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart.” Janine has spent much of her life working with women from dispossessed situations. She has much practical wisdom and a generous heart. Many times she has stepped into dangerous, difficult situations and trusted God to bring her through. So today I can say, “He has led her this far by His grace; He will bring her to look on His face. Blessed, oh blessed be God.” God will bring to fulfillment and completion that which He has begun and only He knows what are His purposes in a person’s life. Thank you Jan for being my sister even though you had no choice in it.

Harold & Pam Berryman on 28 July, 2019 at 3:37pm

Much loved brother and sister-in-law of Harold & Pam, loving Uncle & Auntie of Ruth, Julie and Andrew and their families. We are grateful to God for their lives and their testimonies within our families. Lots of happy memories shared.

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